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Our Mission

Uptown Solar offers best-in-class solar lease and purchase finance program solutions combined with engineered alternative energy offerings designed for optimal power generation efficiency. With a focus on practical consumer and commercial applications of solar technology components, we utilize a proprietary business system for alternative energy finance and marketing, readily customizable in conjunction with localized installation partners.

At Uptown, we love what we do.

Uptown Solar offers all financial services required to meet the demands of the rapidly growing solar energy industry. All of our suppliers, partners and installers are certified and the best in the business. With the support of our own staff experts and network of licensed installers and service professionals, we are able to assist in the design, installation, and service of solar systems of all sizes in order to meet our customers’ needs. Our goal is to provide outstanding renewable energy solutions, for a price that will fit every budget.


Empowering solutions for independent energy production.

At Uptown Solar, our core objectives are to provide affordable, innovative financial solutions for the cost-effective deployment of solar power to homeowners and commercial clientele. With an understanding that return on investment and the ability to enjoy immediate economic and environmental impacts are key elements for practical consideration; Uptown Solar takes a localized approach to develop programs that simply “make sense” for both the customer, and our installation partners.

Solar Industry Data

2016 New Electric Capacity Installed in U.S.

Solar Energy 39%
Natural Gas 29%
Wind 26%
Other 6%

With a focus on practical design, and sustainable cost-effective solutions, Uptown Solar provides a bundled set of technologies and services, along with the expertise to keep it simple. With a turnkey residential program for distribution, installation, and financing, we empower our customers to “Go Green”.

U.S. Solar Installations

Total MWs of Installed Solar

Solar Industry Workers

MWs Installed in U.S. in 2016

*U.S. Solar Industry Data Provided by SEIA®

A Residential Solar Energy System is a simple way to protect the environment, and realize immediate financial benefits.


Solar Facts:

More than 16.8 million metric tons of CO2 are reduced each year thanks to installed solar power. This is the same as taking 3.5 million vehicles off the road or 1.9 billion gallons of gasoline not used!

Now, there are 1.3 million solar PV systems currently installed in the U.S. Solar Power in the U.S. now exceeds 42 Gigawatts (GW), enough to power more than 8.3 million homes!

In 2016, a new solar project was installed every 84 seconds.


Very simply, your system consists of five basic components:

1: Solar Modules

  • Mounted on the rooftop of your residence in clear view of the sun.
  • The sunlight is directly converted into DC power through solar cells.

2: Solar Inverter

  • Converts DC power produced from the solar modules, into usable AC power.
  • AC power is the same type of electricity provided by your local utility.

3: Breaker Panel

  • Before the AC power reaches your home, it is received by the electrical service panel.
  • Electricity is then distributed as needed to your home.

4: Utility Meter

  • The Utility Meter measures the amount of electricity provided to your home by your local utility.
  • The electricity produced by your solar energy system offsets the measurement (essentially the meter spins in reverse).

5: Utility Grid

The Utility Grid is controlled by your electric company and it provides electricity automatically when needed — on demand.


California   ∙   Connecticut   ∙   Florida   ∙   Illinois   ∙   Louisiana   ∙   Massachusetts   ∙   Montana   ∙   South Carolina   ∙   Texas


Energy Independence

Beat Rising Energy Costs

Protect your home against unpredictable energy prices and stabilize your utility bills. Start saving — GO SOLAR today!

Environmentally Friendly

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

A typical residential solar panel system will eliminate 3-4 tons of carbon emissions each year—roughly equal to planting 100 trees.

Save Money Now!

Immediate Savings

By installing a solar system on your home, you can reduce your power bill by up to 80% and pay less than you pay now.

Increase Home's Value

Beat Rising Energy Costs

Protect your home against unpredictable energy prices and stabilize your utility bills. Start saving — GO SOLAR today!

Financial Incentives


Residential solar growth is being driven by more accessible solar financing plans — including no and low money down options.

Solar Economic Growth

The Creation of Green Jobs

According to recent economic reports, the solar industry job growth is 20 times higher than the rest of the U.S. economy.


Contact us today for more information and ask to speak to one of our certified solar specialists.

Direct Purchase

(Maximize Financial Benefits)

30% federal investment tax credit

You own the asset/investment

Home value increases without property taxes increasing

Financing options available; competitive rates & terms


(Property Assessed Clean Energy)

No Credit Check or Credit Score Required

Results in savings from day one

Covers 100% of a home upgrade project

Stays with the property upon sale

Helps lower electric utility bills

Financing without taking on equity

Solar Lease / PPA

(PPA = Purchase Power Agreement)

Little to no money down

Fixed monthly payment (Lease)/ Fixed $ per kWh produced by system (PPA)

O&M covered for 20 years

Inverter & module replacement for 20 years

Electrical production guarantee


What to expect.

Conceptual Process

Professional Consultation

An Uptown Solar professional will schedule an appointment to come to your home and discuss any options available to you in your area — to make sure solar is the right solution for you.

Customer Application & Installation Agreement

Once the Uptown Purchase Agreement is signed and financing is secured, we will architect the solar design for your home, send you a drawing for approval and obtain all the necessary permits.


The paperwork will be submitted and once the project is approved, it will be scheduled into the system.

Scheduling & Installation

An Uptown project manager will be assigned to your project and will coordinate with you (the customer) to schedule a time to begin installation of the system.

Inspection & Commissioning

Upon completion of the system, the Uptown project manager or his representative will inspect the installation for quality of workmanship and code compliance and will sign off on system for commissioning.

Customer Acceptance

Upon final completion of installation, the Uptown project manager will make sure you (the customer) are happy and schedule a time for a representative to visit your home and walk you through the system.


Turnkey Residential Direct Sales Solution

Uptown Solar is opening its “Residential Solar Sales Program” to qualified Dealers in the US market as part of our national expansion. We are pursuing relationships with organizations that have experience with high growth and high volume residential sales. Uptown Solar utilizes a “standardized” system sales approach that allows for systemic and cost/resource efficient installations within developing residential markets.

Why would you choose Uptown Solar? We take all of the stress and headaches out of solar sales and installations and allow our Dealers to focus on what they do best – generate sales. We are fully vertically integrated and provide nationwide dealer support for sales, marketing, financing distribution, and installation.

  • No fees to become a Dealer.
  • Project Manager assigned to every project.
  • Weekly reports so Dealers know the status of their projects.
  • Different finance options – not limited to one option.
  • Established baselines per watt based on volume.
  • Funding is twice a month, on the 1st and 15th.

Limited opportunities may be available in your area, click here to learn more.


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